Statement of Ukrainian Paralympic athletes against the admission of russian and belarusian sports representatives to participate in international sports

The terrible, murderous aggression of russia toward the Ukrainian people has been going on for 7 months… In fact, the war has been unleashed by the russian imperialists not only against Ukraine but against the entire democratic world!

Russia has already wholly lost its reputation in the civilized world and therefore was thrown out of most international organizations. And today, as a state, it is thrown out of world sports, excluded from participation in the absolute majority of international competitions.

But even now, even when the shock and horror of the fact that in the 21st-century war against the peaceful Ukrainian people could be taking place in the center of Europe, russia and its puppet belarus are making desperate attempts to return to the international sports community.

Criminal and murderous funds such as “sponsorship” are being used, and a cynical message is thrown into the world sports community: “Sport is outside of politics”, destroying the humane mission of world sports: “Sport for the sake of peace, sport is the right and aspiration of all civilized nations to achieve peace in the world”. Ignoring the values of peace and indifference to mass killings as a result of the aggression of uncivilized countries are professed by individual subjects of world sports and the organizations they belong to, where russian representatives are present in the leadership. It is they who call to forget the crimes against humanity committed by russia and repeatedly raise questions about the admission of russian and belarusian athletes to international competitions.

But we remember how in social networks and at international competitions representatives of russian and belarusian sports, athletes, coaches, and official representatives openly and shamelessly supported the bloody actions of russian murderers and were proud of the fact that their countries attacked Ukraine and, most importantly, that they still are proud of this, including during international sports events. russian and belarusian sports community, unfortunately, is not able to see tens of thousands of killed peaceful citizens of Ukraine: women, children, and people with disabilities!.. And the russian army is already trying not only to seize Ukraine but also to carry out the genocide of the Ukrainian people and erase Ukraine from the political world maps

In this regard, Ukrainian Paralympians declare that today, against the background of mass murders by aggressors and terrorists, the issue of the return of russia and belarus to Paralympic sports cannot even be discussed, as well as the option of their performance under a neutral flag.

Today, the entire Ukrainian Paralympic community demands from all sports federations of international Paralympic sports that russian and belarusian sports representatives are not allowed to participate in international sports.

We are confident in the justice of our demands, which realize the right of all nations and states to peace and development. We know that our orders are supported in solidarity by all democratic and civilized states and their sports communities!

Great international sport must stop the war, murder, and genocide of people!




National Paralympic Winter and Summer teams


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